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For God  so loved the world  that he gave his  one and only Son, that  whoever believes in him  shall not perish  but have  eternal life.“ (John 3,16 NIV)


God is good.

This truth changes everything as soon as we grasp it and embrace it with all our heart. 


He created the world perfectly, but mankind turned away from Him.  It started to listen to the liar and deceiver  and  began to mistrust the goodness of  the heavenly Father.

This is  the core of  all evil  in the world and even in us. We all  had turned away from God and walked our own ways  which, however, did not bring us  true life and peace - which are found only in HIM.


Some of us have tried to fill this emptiness with religion, but religion cannot save us!

All our own attempts  to climb up the latter of holiness  and to redeem ourselves by good deeds are doomed to fail  from the beginning! And the sooner we realize this, the better!


God, however, has given us  a better way: He knew  we would not make it by ourselves.

Therefore, He sent  His son, Who was the only one  without sin  and thus able to intercede for us all  in front of God. He took the righteous punishment for our guilt on Himself  by letting Himself be crucified. He was the only perfect sacrifice  which was necessary  so that  we could be acquitted of  all sin, which is separating us from God.

Yet, He didn't remain in the grave, but rose from the dead and IS ALIVE!  He went up to heaven, from where He will return  to judge the earth  and to establish God's kingdom.

Still, He didn't leave His people alone since then.  He sent  the Holy Spirit, through Whom God Himself  comes to dwell in us, completely renews us, heals us  and leads us into what has always been His highest purpose and goal: THE LIVING RELATIONSHIP WITH US!  Eternal life  in intimate fellowship with HIM.


And yes, this is  the good news! That everyone of us  now can embrace all of what Jesus did for us, by trustfully saying  yes  to Him and His leadership in our life. By confessing our guilt in front of Him and  turning away from it  in His empowerment. By putting our EGO down from the throne of our life  and setting HIM on it, since we know that His intentions for us  are even way better! By letting us  be baptized,  drowning and dying to  the old man, to rise  as  a new man who stands  in covenant with Jesus. By receiving His Holy Spirit, by Whom only  we can really know God, perceive His speaking  and obtain certainty of our salvation. Who changes us  in the very core, produces the character of Jesus in us  and makes us  more like Him. Who only  brings to life for us  the great treasure of God's word  in reading the bible. Who empowers us to concretely follow Jesus  and to do the things He did, since HE is the one  living in us!


All of us  are called to make a decision where we want to spend eternity, since  our spirit and our soul are immortal! A live without Jesus  leads to the result that  our decision will be sealed  at some point  and we will be separated from God forever, when He and His kingdom will be revealed; that we will  be found guilty  on the day of judgement by a Holy God, Who will then have no choice  but to abandon us  to the place  which makes up  His absence: An eternal hell.


Our decision to turn away from former unbelief and rebellion against Him, howeverlets us come home  to a loving Father Who shows us  His overflowing mercy and compassion in Jesus. Who held back nothing  to bring us back to Him, to ultimately raise us up with Messiah  and to  let us be with Him in His glory  for all eternity.


If You have not yet taken this most important step of Your life decisively, but want to do it now, then plainly come to Jesus trustfully  and give Him Your yes.

Ask Him  that He would reveal Himself to You;  at the same time  give Him also  trust in advance  by opening Yourself to Him. For God does not only desire  a little bit of pious practice  from You, but wants to transform You  in the depth of Your heart. This, however, is only possible when You surrender Yourself to Him;  when You confess  in humility  that You are  in total need of Him and His undeserved mercy! Bring all Your guilt to light  before Him openly  and ask for His forgiveness.  Ask for strength to repent  and  a new beginning with Him.  Pray, coming out of Your own heart, similarly to this example:


Lord Jesus Christ,

I accept You as my personal redeemer.

I thank You that You have paid the price  for my sins  and that You forgive me. 

I praise You for that!

Please fill me now with Your Holy Spirit and  from now on  be lord and leader in my life!

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